Thermofix luxury vinyl tiles

Thermofix counts among special heterogeneous vinyl floorings. Thanks to its structure, it ranks among the highest quality floorings in the world.

It has been manufactured since 2003. Fatra provides 10-year warranty for the material. The floor covering is provided with internationally recognised certificates from respective certification authorities. Floor tiles are manufactured under terms and conditions of the quality management and environmental management system in compliance with standards ČSN EN ISO 9001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001.

For 2018 – 2024 portfolio, 62 decorations in following sets are available:

WOOD – plank 1 200 x 180 mm.
STONE – tiles 900 x 300 mm, 650 x 450 mm.
ART – excels by tis dimensions 1 829 x 180 mm and bevelled edges.

Thermofix luxury vinyl tiles

Product advantages

  • Flooring resistance against wet environment
  • High resistance against wear and tear
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High chemical resistance of the surface
  • Suitable for floor heating systems
  • Very low noise level
  • Resistance against wheelchair effects
  • Ability to combine patterns
  • Economical even for segmented areas
  • Good thermal perception and easy maintenance

Areas of use

Usage instructions

The basis for proper function of Thermofix flooring is installation in accordance with instructions entitled “Regulation for laying floor panels PN 5411/2003”. We recommend using professional fitters for laying Thermofix®.


Due to its structure, Thermofix ranks amongst the best quality heterogeneous vinyl flooring available anywhere today. The wear layer is provided with a mechanical pattern and polyurethane layer, which facilitates maintenance, increases durability and extends service life. Moreover, the flooring is reinforced with glass matting to ensure maximum dimensional stability.

  1. PUR surface treatment
  2. Wear layer
  3. Decoration layer
  4. Glass fibre
  5. Bottom layer


Size (mm) Thickness (mm) Wear layer thickness (mm)
Plank 1 829 x 180
Plank  1 200 x 180
Tile 900 x 300
Tile 650 x 450
2,0 or 2,5
2,0 or 2,5
0,4 or 0,8
0,4 or 0,8



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