New collection of floor coverings in rolls LINO Fatra – roll width 2 metres

New collection of floor coverings in rolls LINO Fatra – roll width 2 metres

We are bringing a new collection of floor coverings in rolls – 2 metres wide to the market. In 2021, we launched a new production line, which expanded not only our production capacity but also our product portfolio. With the help of modern European technologies, we offer the highest quality product with respect to environmental friendliness.

New collections bring modern possibilities for your projects. If you want to achieve an industrial design, then you will be pleased with the designs of the NFE Comet collection which faithfully imitate concrete floors. To brighten up your interior, use the wide range of colourful patterns from the NFE Sparkle collection or NFS Virgo collection. These give the interior an uniform tone in pleasant colour shades.

For more demanding customers, we have an unique collection, NFE Mars, which offers an imitation of the design composition of a wooden floor. Don’t forget the NFS Wega collection which is a traditional yet tasteful imitation of cork, stone and wood patterns. To complement the entire portfolio, we have carefully selected the NFE Tauri collection which, with its original appearance imitating the surface of space bodies, brings a completely new element to any space. The original favourite NFE Grit collection is now also offered in 2 m widths and in all 8 finishes imitating stone patterns.

The new collections in 2 m width offer a wealth of design options that have emerged from current fashion trends and are an effective solution for homes, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels and restaurants, as well as light industry.

In addition to their aesthetic and utilitarian function, floor coverings must meet the highest hygiene standards, which is why the top layer of our floor coverings is created using UV-curable PUR varnish. The cured PUR varnish creates a continuous coating that enhances the attractive appearance of the finish, increases the resistance of the surface to chemicals and makes maintenance easier. The PUR varnish is treated with the SILVER block method, which creates a shield against the undesirable action of microorganisms. The protection is achieved by incorporating additives based on silver compounds into the varnish formulation: the silver ions become a permanent part of the coating once the varnish has cured. The effectiveness of the SILVER block protection has been tested and verified by an independent testing laboratory according to the international standard ISO 22196:2011.

The 68new  finishes are complemented by the existing floor coverings in 1.5 m wide rolls and homogeneous floor coverings in tiles which stand out for their durable surfaces and electrical properties.

The range of products is complemented by the MODUL  heterogeneous wall covering in a roll width of 1.5 m, which is used in buildings with heavy loads, where high demands are placed on hygiene and protection against mechanical damage to the walls.

PVC vinyl flooring offers the following main advantages:

  • PUR protective layer
  • High stress class 41-43
  • High surface resistance to stains and chemicals
  • Possibility of laying over underfloor heating
  • Mutual combinability of decors
  • Bacteria-resistant surface