The structure of vinyl floors ranks among the highest quality floor coverings in the world, mainly thanks to their excellent features. These floating floors feature antibacterial finishing, outstanding sound insulation, fast and easy installation even on floor heating systems, and they take pride in absolutely perfect design.

They combine innovations in the flooring structure, great experience of Fatra’s professionals and modern trends of interior design. From this combination, luxury products of new generation came up.

There are several methods how to apply vinyl to the floor – either using a glue or virtually in one click. FatraClick, RS-click or WELL-click brands just enable such installation.

Vinyl floors are suitable for any rooms thinks to their high resistance. Therefore, we suggest them for kitchens, halls, dining rooms, but also for living rooms. They can however be used also in commercial premises. They do not require exceptional maintenance; regular cleaning agents are sufficient.

We believe that the flooring nowadays is not just a practical item and general need, but also an important decorative element that sets the mood of the whole interior. Therefore, floating vinyl floors try to catch up with the newest trends in this field.


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Export manager

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Technical support

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Export manager

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