Flooring trims, mats and stair nosing

Flooring accessories are an integral part of floorings and are necessary for the perfect appearance of the floor. Our product portfolio includes accessories for the conventional LINO Fatra floorings – i.e. welding cables, plasticised flooring trims, ceiling trims and stair nosing.

Printed flooring trims for the luxury Thermofix and Imperio floorings are new additions to our portfolio.

PET mats are designed, in particular, to protect the floor from scratches – e.g. by chair casters in offices as well as households.


Katarína Foltínová
Export manager

Tel.: +420 577 502 362
Mobil: +420 724 405 712
E-mail: katarina.foltinova@fatra.cz


Jiří Zálešák
Technical support

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E-mail: jiri.zalesak@fatra.cz

Pavel Rozaci

Tel.: +420 577 502 285
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E-mail: pavel.rozaci@fatra.cz




  • Leaflet Floor skirting boards Thermofix and Imperio
    • Leaflet Floor skirting boards Thermofix and Imperio
    • Shade card Floor accessories for LINO Fatra