The most popular patterns from the series of glued vinyl tiles Thermofix were modified into floating floors and have originated an innovation called RS-click.

These patterns simulate perfectly wood species from all over the world, thus providing any interior with quite original atmosphere.

Vinyl floor RS-Click is easy and fast to install without the need of gluing. Its high sound insulation effects are exceptional, and it can be laid on floor heating systems.

RS-click is thus the right choice for all those who want to rely on a high-quality workmanship.


Product benefits

  • Perfect design simulating natural materials
  • Fast and easy installation without gluing
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Antibacterial finishing
  • Installation on floor heating systems
  • Increased resistance against dirt and regular chemicals
  • 10-year warranty

Areas of use

Usage instructions

Floating vinyl floor RS-click features the locking system and it installed without use of adhesive. You can walk on the floating floor during and immediately after installation is finished. Install RS-click planks on PE membrane that serves as vapor control barrier and its slippery surface allows floating floor dimension changes.


This floor covering is composed of three basic layers. The middle one consists of an HDF board with increased resistance to moisture, while the bottom one is a soundproofing cork layer. The uppermost wear surface is made of a polyurethane PVC material.

  1. PUR protective layer
  2. Vinyl layer with decorative foil
  3. HDF layer with increased resistance t moisture
  4. System for easy and quick installation
  5. Cork layer ensuring sound insulation

Patterns collection


  • RS-click catalogue
    • RS-click catalogue