The FatraClick design conveniently combines the benefits of vinyl and conventional floating floors, thus lending great properties to this flooring.

Our offer includes a number of décors that imitate timber species such as oak, maple, chestnut or walnut. The collection is exceptional for its authentic natural wood texture – not only visually, but due to its surface structure, also to the touch. Our portfolio includes a wide range of flooring shades, from light beige, cappuccino or shades of grey, to dark brown.



Product advantages

  • perfect nature-imitating design
  • quick and easy glueless laying
  • excellent acoustic insulation
  • antibacterial finish
  • possible laying on underfloor heating
  • proprietary Uniclic® locking system
  • increased resistance against pollution and common chemicals
  • 10-year warranty

Patterns collection

Usage instructions

Floating vinyl floor FatraClick features the Uniclic® locking system
and is installed without use of adhesive. You can walk on the floating
floor during and immediately after installation is finished. Install
Fatraclick planks on PE membrane that serves as vapor control barrier
and its slippery surface allows floating floor dimension changes. More
information about method of installation you can find in the Installation


This floor covering is composed of three basic layers. The notional middle layer of the flooring consists of an HDF board with increased resistance to moisture, which is equipped with a soundproofing cork layer at the bottom. Polyurethane PVC material with a wear layer is used at the top.

  1. PUR protective layer
  2. Vinyl layer with decorative foil
  3. HDF layer with increased resistance to moisture
  4. Uniclic® system for easy and quick installation
  5. Cork layer ensuring sound insulation




 Plank size (mm) Total thickness (mm) Wear layer thickness (mm)
1235 x 230 9,5 0,40



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    • FatraClick-catalogue-2015-17
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