Elektrostatik, Dynamik

Our LINO Fatra homogeneous flooring range also includes such floorings that meet requirements for static electricity.
These include the electrostatically conductive ELEKTROSTATIK and antistatic DYNAMIK floorings.

They are manufactured in 608 x 608 mm tiles of 1.7 mm or 2.0 mm in thickness.

Elektrostatik, Dynamik


ELEKTROSTATIK – internal electrical resistance of ≤ 1·106 Ω
This flooring is designed for applications in premises where electrostatically conductive design is required, such as those containing explosive hazards, laboratories and healthcare facilities (X-ray departments, operating theatre, preparation rooms, etc.), and for the manufacture of double floors.

DYNAMIK – internal electrical resistance of ≤ 1·108 Ω
This flooring is primarily designed for application in premises where antistatic flooring design is required, such as halls with computers, electronics manufacturing facilities and telecommunications equipment.



Homogeneous floor coverings maintain consistent composition and execution throughout their entire thickness. The wear (useful) layer is identical with the floor covering´s thickness.



Thickness (mm) Tile size (mm)
Elektrostatik 1,7  608 x 608
Elektrostatik 2,0  608 x 608
Dynamik 1,7  608 x 608

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