Elektrostatik, Dynamik

Antistatic and electrostatically conductive PVC floorings are a group of special coverings that meet the demanding requirements for electrical properties. They represent a highly efficient solution in interiors where the emphasis is on ensuring safety needs. These floor coverings are electrostatically conductive (ELEKTROSTATIK) and antistatic (DYNAMIK). They are produced in the form of tiles that are glued to the substrate and then welded using welding cords.

Elektrostatik, Dynamik


ELEKTROSTATIK – internal electrical resistance ≤ 1-106 Ω

Electrostatic floors are sought after for their excellent electrical conductivity. They can be used in laboratories, operating theatres or X-ray departments.

DYNAMIK – internal electrical resistance ≤ 1-108 Ω

Antistatic floors are suitable for areas where electrostatic discharges must be prevented. This covering prevents the formation of electrostatic voltages in persons moving on it or in components placed on it. It is suitable for installation in computer rooms, telecommunications and electronics manufacturing.


Thickness (mm) Tile size (mm) Quantity/carton (m2)
Elektrostatik 1,7  608 x 608 12,91
Elektrostatik 2,0  608 x 608 11,07
Dynamik 1,7  608 x 608 12,91

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