Which Floor Should I Choose for a School or Kindergarten?

Which Floor Should I Choose for a School or Kindergarten?

Flooring installed in educational facilities must meet specific requirements. As schools and kindergartens are busy places full of children and adults, corridors, changing rooms and classrooms need to be safe. It is important that they can withstand everyday intense stress, are easy to maintain, but also create a pleasant atmosphere, because it is the floor that forms the basic visual element of any interior. And it is these properties that characterise the LINO floor coverings from the Czech manufacturer, Fatra, a.s.

What are the essential requirements for floor coverings?

Durability: The floor covering must be able to withstand heavy loads and be resistant to scratches, bruises and abrasions. Floors with the highest load class of number 43 meet this characteristic.

Safety: With a high concentration of people, the risk of slipping, subsequent fall or injury also increases. And in schools, this is doubly true, because children tend to run around the corridors. It is therefore necessary that these floors fall into the category of anti-slip floors specified by DIN 511 30.

Easy maintenance: Since the areas of these interiors are large, the main advantage is the easy-to-maintain surface. The upper part of the LINO flooring is provided with a PUR (polyurethane) protective layer, which guarantees this.

Antistatic properties: In specific spaces, such as computer classrooms, an antistatic design of the floors, which prevents the build-up of electrostatic charge, is desirable.

Surface resistance to bacteria: Nowadays more than ever, great emphasis is placed on health protection, and Fatra floors meet the highest demands, as they have been tested according to the international standard ISO 846.

Design: An important criterion is undoubtedly the wide range of decors and colours to fine-tune the attractive interior according to the needs and wishes of the customer.

So which flooring should you use in the individual interiors of educational facilities?

We recommend laying the heterogeneous Novoflor Extra Amos floor covering in classrooms with constant movement of chairs and furniture: the production of the wear layer has been adapted and the properties against scratches, wear and abrasion improved. The floor falls into the category with the highest degree of load, class 34, 43. For the longest possible functional life of the floor covering, it is necessary to secure the contact surfaces with the floor with suitable protection, such as textile pads under the fixed legs of chairs and tables. For castor chairs and other mobile furniture, it is desirable to use “W” type castors, which are made of soft plastic on a hard core, or protective PET pads for castor chairs.

For corridors and school locker rooms, it is possible to lay any floor covering from the Novoflor Extra collections, for example Ideal, which, with its wide range of colours, can brighten any space. The load class again falls into the highest category.