Novoflor Extra Statik SD

Our heterogeneous LINO Fatra range includes statically dissipative floor coverings in rolls with wear layers of 0.8 mm in thickness, which makes them suitable for areas with the highest stress level (cl. 34, 43).

Novoflor Extra Statik SD


  1. PUR conductive surface treatment
  2. Decorative wear layer
  3. Middle layer
  4. Bottom layer


The unique feature of this flooring is its ability to dissipate static electricity, therefore, it constitutes statically dissipative (antistatic) flooring designed for applications requiring antistatic flooring and increased protection for electronic components and devices from such electrical discharge.

Novoflor Extra STATIK SD meets the requirement of EN 1081 and EN 14041 for statically dissipative floorings (internal resistance ≤ 1·109 Ω; however, for maximum function of the floor, it is necessary to follow the entire installation process suggested by the manufacturer (i.e. conductive adhesive, earthing copper strips, etc.), as well as the use of maintenance and cleaning agents. The flooring surface, which boasts an innovative layer of conductive polyurethane lacquer and advanced technical parameters, is also easy to maintain at low cleaning costs.



Thickness (mm) Wear layer thickness (mm) Width (mm) Roll lenght
2,0 0,8 1500 12


Thickness (mm) Tile size (mm) Price without VAT  (Kč/m2)
2,0 1500 322,-

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