LVT tiles from Fatra have been on the market for 20 years

LVT tiles from Fatra have been on the market for 20 years

Our company has reached a significant milestone. LVT tiles produced by Fatra have been on the European market for 20 years, and are still very popular. The recipe is simple. This type of flooring has won customers with the high quality it has maintained since the beginning of its production. By inserting glass fleece into the product construction, we managed to achieve excellent parameters, especially dimensional stability and slat squareness, thus significantly outperforming the competition.

Fatra began to consider the development of flooring in tiles as early as in 1998. It was at that time that the first flooring products of this type, mainly from Asian manufacturers, were beginning to appear at world fairs. The idea was that this new product could fill a gap in the market and compete with the then-preferred floating floorings.

The breakthrough year in the history of floor coverings came in 2003, when the production of a new type of floor covering – THERMOFIX – was launched. A new era of vinyl floorings in the Czech Republic began using German machines with Fatra’s technological skills in terms of designers, mechanics, engineers and technologists. The vinyl tiles, with their attractive appearance, design and execution, were faithful imitations of wooden and stone coverings.

The launch of the THERMOFIX flooring was associated with an advertising campaign, for which the cartoon characters of two clumsy guys, Pat and Mat, were licensed. These characters were featured on all advertising materials, catalogues, sample books and websites.

Currently, LVT tiles are represented by five collections and a total of 86 wood, stone and textile finishes. The Product dimensions range from 900 x 150 mm to 1829 x 180 mm.

The latest novelty in the portfolio of glued vinyl tiles is the MARILO collection, which continues the successful 20-year era of THERMOFIX flooring. The tread layer in two versions (0.3 and 0.55 mm) makes it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It also features a unique design that faithfully imitates oak wood thanks to its matt surface. In order to bring this flooring to perfection, we treated the upper part of the flooring with the SILVER block method which creates a shield against unwanted microorganisms.

More detailed information about the path our LVT tiles have taken can be found in the timeline.