Floors Intended for Medical Facilities

Floors Intended for Medical Facilities

We are aware that floor coverings intended for healthcare facilities must meet the highest hygienic standards, ensuring the cleanliness of the indoor environment. High demands are also placed on safety, durability, easy maintenance and, last but not least, aesthetics. It must also meet the needs of all staff, patients and visitors.

Thanks to the wide experience of Fatra’s experts, we have created floor coverings for this specific segment. However, it is necessary to distinguish their suitability depending on the required functional properties according to the individual spaces in which they will be used.

Electrostatic and Antistatic PVC Flooring

Antistatic and electrostatically conductive PVC floors are special floor coverings that meet the specific requirements for the electrical properties of flooring. They represent a highly effective solution in interiors where the emphasis is on ensuring safety requirements.

Electrostatic floors are sought-after for their excellent electrical conductivity. They can be used in laboratories, operating theatres and X-ray workplaces.

Antistatic floors have an excellent degree of electrical conductivity. They are necessary in areas where electrostatic discharges must be prevented. This covering must not generate electrostatic voltage in persons walking across it or in components placed on it. It is suitable for installation in computer classrooms, and in the fields of telecommunications and electronics production.

PVC Flooring with Electrical Properties from Fatra Production

Elektrostatik – a homogeneous floor covering made of a special conductive mixture. It is an electrostatically conductive floor with an internal electrical resistance ≤ 1 • 106 Ω. It is produced in the form of tiles with dimensions of 608 x 608 mm and a thickness of 1.7 mm or 2.0 mm. The application is suitable in potentially explosive atmospheres, laboratories and hospital premises.

Dynamik – a homogeneous floor covering in tile format with internal electrical resistance ≤ 1 • 108 Ω, which is laid in areas with a requirement for antistatic floor design, such as computer classrooms, telecommunications and electronics production. The dimensions are 608 x 608 mm and the thickness is 1.7 mm or 2.0 mm.

Garis – an antistatic homogeneous flooring in the form of rolls is a PVC floor covering for rooms with the highest degree of load (43) and with internal electrical resistance ≤ 1 • 108 Ω. The upper part is treated with a PUR (polyurethane) protective layer, which guarantees easy maintenance. The width of the roll is 1,500 mm.

Novoflor Extra Statik SD – statically dissipative flooring in a roll with a width of 1,500 provides a heterogeneous floor with a wear layer thickness of 0.8 mm, thus ranking among the PVC floors with the highest degree of load. It consists of 4 layers, with the surface provided with a layer of conductive polyurethane varnish, which adds a number of excellent technical parameters to the flooring, ensures easy cleaning and reduces maintenance costs. The internal electrical resistance is ≤ 1 • 109 Ω.

Floors for Other Hospital Premises

The wide range of floor coverings produced by Fatra allows them to be applied in healthcare facility areas, where the emphasis is not on electrical properties, but which require a high level of resilience for heavy stress spaces, such as reception areas and corridors. Even here, you can choose from floor coverings whose surface is resistant to bacteria, which are anti-slip, which are easy to maintain and the appearance of which evokes a calm atmosphere.

Praktik – a pressed homogeneous floor covering in tiles measuring 608 x 608 mm and 1.7 mm thick which meets the requirements for use in buildings with the highest degree of load, class 43. Thanks to the mutual combinability of tile designs, an unusual solution can be created, which can make even spaces such as hospitals more attractive.

Novoflor Extra – you can choose from all the collections with this designation, as they feature the highest degree of load resilience. We recommend, for example, the Ideal or Super collections, where you will discover a wide range of colour shades. The thickness of the floor is 2.0 mm with a wear layer of 0.7 mm.

Thermofix vinyl tiles – this vinyl floor can be used in particular in hospital rooms, where it is desirable to create the most pleasant atmosphere for the patients. In the offer you will find 62 patterns imitating wood, stone or carpet. In addition, the floor is resistant to moisture, the effects of castors on chairs and commonly used chemicals. The advantages also include easy maintenance thanks to the PUR protective layer, and a 10-year warranty.